Culinary tourism is the new frontier for passionate foodies!

Can you think of a better reason to travel than discovering the gastronomic heritage of the place you are visiting?

Who doesn't love Italian food? But what do you know apart from classic Italian dishes?

By joining our tours you:

  • will be introduced to the huge gastronomic heritage of several Italian Regions
  • will be visiting the places where food & wine is produced
  • will be introduced to the local food & wine culture by local experts
  • will find out that the Italian food & wine scene is much more than what you are used to in your Country
  • will discover that each Italian Region has its own identity, made of traditional dishes still made by using grandmothers' recipes and techniques, authentic flavors and passionate producers
  • will wander off-the-beaten path in search of the real italian cusine
  • will be dining in selected exclusive locations
  • will hear the stories behind known and unknown Italian products and ingredients
  • will join unforgettable eating experiences
  • will partecipate in food events & festivals
  • will join cooking demostrations and hands-on cooking classes
We guarantee  a slow pace and great attention to details.

Each tour is deigned to give you a deep knowledge and understanding of the local culture, and all ingredients are fresh and locally produced.

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Eating and drinking creates memorable travel experiences

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Chianti wine tour

Food & Wine

This is an opportunity to spend a day in an enchanting countryside, drinking good wine, eating genuine food and meeting local people. ...

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