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As a professional Travel Consultant & Designer, I know that arranging a trip on your own is not always as easy as it seems. The Internet is a great source for gathering information, but browsing the web, searching for the best solution, can sometimes end up being frustrating and time consuming.

That’s where I can come in handy!

At Hidden Italy Tours we offer personalized service beyond your average travel agent, to help you put together all the pieces and plan your ideal travel experience which is designed only for you and with you, according to your needs and budget.
I will help you save time that you would normally put into planning your own tour and maximize your vacation.


My consultancy can include:

  • Advice on where to go and what to see
  • Advice on accommodations, guided tours and activities
  • Travel tips
  • Day-by-day itinerary
  • Bookings on your behalf
  • Phone support before your departure and during your trip

Start by filling in the form providing information about you and your desired trip. I will contact you in 2 business days and we will start the planning process.

Service is 100% tailor-made and every aspect of your trip is handled with extreme carediscretion and great attention to details in order to meet your expectations, and make your stay as pleasant as possible.
Consultancy fees
 depend on the complexity of your itinerary, the number of the requested services and the number of guests.

We are destination specialists and we know the Regions you will be visiting. Thanks to our knowledge and reliable local partners, not only we can craft your trip in several areas of Italy, but also in Japan.

Whether you already have an idea about your trip or need some new travel ideas, let me be your personal Travel Consultant. I am specialised in crafting off-the-beaten track experiences, helping you discover the hidden gems of Italy. I focus on Abruzzo, one of the most charming and yet undiscovered Regions in Central Italy. So, not only I can help you plan your visit to popular destinations like Rome, Florence, or the Amalfi Coast, but I will take you to places whose name may seem totally unknown to you, but that will steal your heart!
I offer my consultancy to individualscouplesfamilies and groups. Whether you might need only a day tour or you want an entire holiday to be planned, please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information and detail.

“Like a tailor, I love to create uniqe travel experiences which are designed only for you.
Let me help you plan the experience of a lifetime!”


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