Italy is known worldwide for being the cradle of art and culture; Abruzzo preserves some of its most beautiful hidden treasures.

The first impact for visitors in Abruzzo is of a Region that has preserved many of its original features. Traces of ancient civilizations, picturesque villages (21 of which are part of the exclusive Club of “I Borghi più Belli d’Italia”) , mysterious hermitages, beautiful churches and abbeys, precious works of art, impressive castles and refined mansions, all condensed in a territory of less than 11.000 square meters. Centuries of history that have made Abruzzo an open-air museum surrounded by unspoiled nature. Traces of the past of a Region that has been inhabited for 300.000 years (one of the few in Italy).
Thanks to the favorable climate conditions and its geographical position, Abruzzo offers a wide variety of foods and drinks, characterized by a strong link with the territory. In Abruzzo it is still possible to taste traditional and authentic dishes, but what was once considered just a land of shepherds, today is much more. Abruzzo’ s profile in the food & wine world has been rising steadily; thanks to the work of passionate producers and chefs it is drawing attention and awards.
With about 36% of its territory protected by 3 National Parks, 1 Regional Park, 1 Marine Protected Area and more than 30 National and Regional Reserves, Abruzzo has the highest percentage of protected areas in Italy, and it considered the greenest Region in Europe. Its mountains, hills and 130km of coasts, preserve almost 75% of animal and vegetal species of all Europe.
Numerous forms of art are typical of Abruzzo: ceramics of exquisite workmanship, fine goldsmiths’ art, stone-cutting, wood, copper, fabric and pillow lace manufacturing. Discover the origins and history of local handicraft.
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Discover the hidden gem of Italy, with its charming villages, impressive castles, iconic landscapes, unspoiled nature and the unique flavors of the most authentic Italian cuisine with our unique tours with departures from Chieti and Sulmona. Our scheduled tours in and around Abruzzo are intimate and limited to small groups of 6-8 travelers. Each tour can be booked as an exclusive private tour.
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Best Season:A Region for all seasons!
Popular Locations: Sulmona, Rocca Calascio, Trabocchi Coast, Chieti, Majella National Park, Abruzzo national Park, Scanno

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