the charm of italy is timeless, but what do you know apart from classical tourist routes?

Scratching from the surface and wandering off-the-beaten path will lead you to another side of Italy that will steal your heart.

Italy is full of hidden jewels that are still unknown to foreign travelers,
and sometimes to Italians too!

We are at your full disposal to make your stay in Italy unique and unforgettable, through a wide range of services and authentic experiences, designed to make you fee the real essence of Italy, far from mass tourism and tourist traps.
We spend a lot of time traveling around Italy to find the best food & drinks, accommodations, restaurants, entertainments and hidden gems to share with our customers.
Our aim is to provide high quality travel service combining our enthusiasim and passion with our experience in the travel industry and in-depht knowledge of the destination to ensure our clients the best experience possible.
Hidden Italy Tours is a Travel Company based in Abruzzo, providing guided tours in and around Abruzzo, along with Travel Design & Consultancy service. Through our network of reliable partners we are able to offer tours in other slected destinations around Italy, small-group tours and travel packages.

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Professionalism & Reliability

The Hidden Italy Tours team and its selected local partners are a group of professionals specialized in the tourism industry and the food & wine sector. Improvisation in this sectors is increasing, and Hidden Italy Tours ensures that every aspect of our work is made by professional figures, respecting the current Italian and European laws.

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Authenticity & Sustainability

At Hidden Italy Tours each experience is handcrafted with love, in the respect of the local community, customs and traditions. We guarantee unique and authentic experiences for sustainable toruism development. The choice of food, entertainment, activities and accommodations allow the traveler to interact with the locals and discover their real life, local traditions and customs.

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Customization and Flexibility

Customization and flexibility mean that our customers needs and expectations always come first. We put at your disposal our great passion and professionalism to help you live the best experience possible. In addition to our scheduled tours we offer tailor made itineraries for personalized experiences crafted around your specific interests and budget.