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Our team of Travel Specialists is at your full disposal to make you feel the real essence of Italy.

Our team of Travel Specialists is at your full disposal to make you feel the real essence of Italy.

Ciao! My name is Francesca Cichella, a professional Travel Consultant. Born and raised in Abruzzo, I had my first work experience in the travel industry as a tourist information office employee and tour leader. After receiving a degree in Tourism Management, I spent several years working in 4 and 5 stars hotels as a back and front office employee. Through my life, I have also been privileged to gain customer service experience through participating in my family business specialized in the retail of Abruzzo’s finest products, from the locally crafted ceramics of Castelli, to wines and other delicacies of the Region. This raised my interest for everything is handmade, homemade and local. Together with my Japanese friend Junko we decided to kick start Hidden Italy Tours as a source of inspiration for foreign travelers to go beyond the stereotypes and discover Italy with the eyes of a local.


日本のお客さま担当の加藤純子です。代表のフランチェスカとは1997年に知り合って以来、お互いの国を何度か行き来するうち、私はまだあまり知られていない彼女の住むアブルッツォに魅了されていきました。彼女はアブルッツォの良さを世界に広めたいという思いで国内のネットワークを広げ、私自身は日本で2011年に通訳案内士の資格を取得し、もとより旅行好きだったことも手伝い、旅行者が何を求めているかを考えながらお客さまをご案内できるようになりました。こうしてお互いに観光業へのパッションを強め、何か一緒にできないものかと模索する中で発足したのがHidden Italy Toursです。まだまだ穴場ですが、見るべきものの多いアブルッツォ州について、ぜひ日本の皆さまにも知っていただきたいと思っています。Hidden Italy Toursでは、他ではあまり体験できないようなツアーを準備して、皆さまをお待ちしております。アブルッツォのことで何かご質問等ありましたら、お気軽にご連絡ください。

My name’s Maria Cristina Mancinelli, I’m 32 y.o. I’m a tour guide and Archeologist, authorized by the Abruzzo Region. I’ve studied in an Art School and I have a degree in History of Art and Archaeology, and a Master in Management of Cultural Heritage at the University in Rome. I have attended many professional courses, like underwater archeology, management of archaeological heritage, and a course of promotion, development and innovation of the cultural heritage. I’ve worked in the National Archaeological Museum of Abruzzo, explaining the finds and the history of the place to school children, including experimental laboratories of history. I currently work at the Regional Natural Reserve and WWF Oasis “Calanchi di Atri“. I love traveling, I’m a solar person and I like being surrounded by many people. I love my job because it’s not just a job, it’s my passion!

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